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"33˚ degrees is the phase change for water when the individual is not bound by the ego (ice) and the individual is set free to flow as spirit (water)"

"A group of finite players (ice) have messed up the playing field and the infinite players (water)  have to come to restore it"

Infinite play the never ending story is a book and web site looking behind the scenes of what we experience and how it all unfolds and your role in it. It is about play and story creation, one without beginning, end, boundaries or limitation yet containing all these things within it.


Infinite Play the Never Ending Story  is the esoteric knowledge of life, and the story, reality of the perpetual evolution of consciousness and experience. It is a work that builds on another book and itís concepts and blends it with a more esoteric and expansive perspective. Understanding these concepts is crucial to becoming an infinite player.

Infinite Play the Never Ending Story  works to reveal the big secret behind your existence and challenges the taboo of speaking of and knowing who you really are. This truth is generally a taboo because it eliminates the ability to violate self and obtain a disproportionate advantage over other players and acquire a desired experience at the expense of others. Fleeting as this short term gain is, followed by long term undesired consequences. It is this taboo that allows for self deception because it generates the first fiction, that leads to the creation of all other fictions and the associated conflict and disharmony.

Infinite Play the Never Ending Story  is a work that seeks to enlighten a path for the finite player to achieve the ultimate status of infinite player and the rewarding experiences that are consequent for this achievement.

There is an emphasis on producing something of a practical nature to be applied rather than pure fantasy and fiction. It also seeks to eliminate the illusionary divide between spirit (intangible) and science (the tangible). See the stationary universe.

It also helps to generate the understanding of how One can be many and the many are One. A very popular meme being propagated because it is so beneficial a perspective to one as all, and all as one. A perspective that if entertained improves the experience of everyOne. To read Infinite Play the One and Many.

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"The ego is clever in a finite capacity giving it the ability to deceive, yet lest it forget I am clever in an infinite capacity giving one the ability to reveal."  ~Mr. Urgo Diamu

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